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Debunking the Top Myths About Student Loan Debt in Arizona

Paying back your student loans can be an overwhelming process to navigate. To make things harder, there is no shortage of student loan repayment misinformation and myths floating around that can easily result in costly mistakes. Often, speculation about student loans prevents borrowers from reaching out for help when they need assistance. If you...

Michael Adams

6 Ways to Repair Your Business Credit in 2021

If you want your business to succeed, then building and maintaining good business credit is crucial. Clients may not pay for services, or equipment may break, putting more of a financial burden on you. It’s frustrating, but it’s the reality of owning a business. To move on, you may want to repair your business credit, but this is different from...


Can Unemployment Deferment Help Me Manage My Student Loans?

Millions of graduates across the country are struggling to make their student loan payments on time. Unemployed graduates are especially at risk for becoming delinquent on their loans. If you currently lack employment and are concerned about managing your monthly payments, you may be wondering if unemployment deferment can help you manage your...

Michael Adams

How to Avoid Getting Scammed by Debt Relief and Credit Repair Frauds

Falling behind on your credit card bills or loan payments can be overwhelming. Some people experiencing debt choose to work with a debt settlement company. Often, debt settlement companies promise to settle your debt for less than the amount that you owe. While this can be an alluring offer, many debt settlement companies use deceptive practices...

Michael Adams

Should You Close a Credit Card After Paying Your Debt?

Paying off a credit card is a great feeling and frequently the first step to financial freedom. However, you may think to yourself: “What next?” Should you keep the card open or close it entirely? It may be tempting to leave it open as an emergency fund, but the temptation credit cards cause make them poor emergency funds. Instead, you should aim...