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Free FCRA Lawyer Evaluation

Stop Being Victimized By Errors In Your Credit Report.

No-Cost Legal Representation Is Now Available. Each Error Can Mean At Least $1,000 Cash In Your Pocket!

Free FCRA Evaluation

  • Tell us the name of each creditor and the incorrect information that is on your credit report.
  • You understand this to be our arrangement

    You are engaging McCarthy Law PLC as your lawyer to help you correct errors in your credit report at no cost to you.

    • We will try to get the error corrected on your behalf without the need for a lawsuit.
    • If the error is not corrected within 30-45 days, we will sue those responsible (up to four defendants for each error) for violation of federal law so long as we have the evidence to prove the report is in error.
    • The firm will advance the costs of lawsuit.
    • When we are successful in the lawsuit, the error will be corrected and you will receive at least $1000 from the first defendant and $500 from each additional defendant.
    • The remaining monies will be used to repay the attorneys’ fees incurred in the lawsuit. You never come out of pocket for anything.
    • You agree to the Terms and Conditions