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California Debt Settlement

California Debt Settlement

California has it all! A great climate, amazing places and wonderful people.   The 31st state is one of the most diverse across the United States. With 1 in 8 living in the golden state, many have made the state that we love their home.  While areas of our economy have improved, some good families have been struggling with credit card debt and private student loans to name a few. These days many folks are looking for legitimate and significant debt relief.  Californians have experienced creditors that can be ruthless at attempting to collect on debts when a payment is missed or late.  Banks employees are trained to make phone calls to collect these debts from their customers.   While there are laws that protect debtors against certain tactics, it can be extremely scary and stressful to receive these types of phone calls.  Lenders don’t seem to grasp the fact that if a debtor could pay the debt, they would gladly do so and would have done it long ago.  Once a credit card company gets you on the phone, they work to collect additional information that they likely don’t currently have.  These include your addresses, cell phone numbers and place of employment.

The goal of our California debt attorneys is to settle your debt for less than the current balance.  McCarthy Law believes that a significant reduction in the principal is what is required for a family to ever dig out of debt.  There are debt settlement companies that try and settle debt for their clients but aren’t able to offer any legal protection.   They may or may not give advice during the process that is helpful or the best solution to their customer because there is no ethical requirement to do so.  People should also understood that banks can and do file lawsuits against those that are late and behind on payments.  McCarthy Law believes that legal counsel should respond and represent those that have been sued.  When a debtor doesn’t respond to the lawsuit, creditors are likely to get a default judgment that they will be able to use to garnish wages or increase collection efforts.

Most would think that attorney representation is more expensive but this isn’t necessarily true.  It is common that debt settlement companies costs more when all is said and done.  Most firms will provide the client with the fees and estimated amounts needed for settlement before representation begins.  A law firm that focuses on debt settlement will understand that a family needs time to put the money together for settlements and representation.  An experienced law firm will usually get a better debt relief outcome for their clients while negotiating large principal reductions.  Choosing a firm with many years of experience focusing on debt settlement often gives comfort to the client.

Banks usually deal with a handful of law firms that handle their legal matters.  The attorney that you hire to negotiate your debt should be familiar with these attorneys and firms and have experience in defending clients against creditor lawsuits.  In California, we have offices in Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach, Manhattan Beach, Irvine, Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Luis Obispo, San Bernadine, Modesto, the Coachella valley and San Diego.  Our attorneys in these offices are understanding and great at assisting their clients with experience and confidentiality.  They understand that many of their clients are stressed out, worried and unable to sleep well.  Our typical client often has large credit card balances and other types of debt that persist year after year.  Many have been making minimum payments without seeing any real change to their balance.  Clients often tell us that just meeting our debt attorney for a consultation provides real clarity to what has felt like an impossible situation.  Hard working people, trying to make ends meet don’t always realize that there are options beside bankruptcy.

The debt relief attorneys at McCarthy Law meet with every client face-to-face, the old-fashioned way and take the time to really understand their individual debt situation.  Becoming debt free is the goal but the plan might range from six months to 36 months.  For those families feeling like they have dealt with these debt problems for way to long, we invite you to visit with us.  We won’t begin representation unless we believe we can get a great result for our client.  We are all about no pressure!  When you are ready to gain a better understanding of what your debt options are, we are ready to help.  We are available by telephone, chat or click here to get started now.