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First, let me say thanks to all of you for your hard work and client dedication. This process was extremely humbling and nerve racking for me. I have never been through anything like this process and it will never happen again. Quite frankly I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.
I know I can be pretty hard headed and each one of you dealt with me professionally and respectfully. I apologize to you on the times I lost my temper or was short in response to your questions. Special apology and thanks to Leslie and Michele who received the brunt of my frustration. Thinking back Kevin said this process would be hard and have more downs than ups and it wouldn’t be fun or quick…and boy oh boy he was right. He also said he couldn’t make any promises of getting the deal finalized…but all of you made it happen.
The update file that was sent out was a life saver for me…I never had to worry about how the process was going or who’s court the ball was in. It also clearly stated what was needed from me to get to the next step. The team approach works and I will recommend you all if I find anyone that needs to have a short sale negotiated.
Joanne and I thank you so much.