I’ve been looking into the McCarthy debt settlement service, but I have a few complicating matters so that I’ve been confused about where and when to start and what should be my next step.

At my initial consultation, Ashley listened very patiently and empathetically. Without giving specific advice (it was only an initial consultation) she was able to give me so much clarity and help me feel confident about moving forward.

As of a few weeks ago, I had to temporarily postpone any decision. Nevertheless, Ashley has kept in touch, but her follow-up has never been intrusive. She comes across as a very genuine, caring individual who wants to see her clients be successful with their efforts to get their credit back on track!

Ashley was never “sales-y,” and that alone makes me much more likely to want to use McCarthy Law’s services. Just based on our interaction so far I would certainly recommend her to anyone seeking assistance in this area of the law!

When I complete the program, I’ll come back and let you know how it went!