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Credit Card Debt

Avoid bankruptcy by settling your credit card debt for a fraction of the balance.
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Business Debt

We assist many business owners to help free up cash flow by negotiating SBA loan debt or other business debts.
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Mortgage Debt

We help negotiate and navigate the difficult waters in freeing you from mortgage debt.
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Student Loan Debt

With new laws regarding student loans, it is even more difficult to get debt relief from loans. We help resolve student loan debt issues permanently.
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National Debt Settlement Lawyers

Wondering what makes using a debt settlement lawyer different than most other debt settlement companies? By using a Debt Settlement Law Firm you are represented by a licensed attorney, one that can defend you against credit card lawsuits in the case you have been sued. We use the law to protect our clients .

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Common Debt Topics

Debt Settlement & Debt Consolidation

What is the difference between debt settlement and debt consolidation?

The difference between debt consolidation and debt settlement is big. In debt consolidation, you pay 100% of the principal and take out a new loan. Debt settlement reduces your principle. In debt consolidation, all your unsecured debts are added up and then you will be given a single monthly payment. The person handling the debt consolidation will take your payment and divide it among your creditors. When your debts are added up, all the inflated high interest and penalties will be added in, too. That makes your total debt higher than it should be-and it will take more money and time to pay it off. In addition, your credit score will still suffer from late payments and your credit card company will still cancel the credit cards you consolidate.
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Negotiate Debt Balance

Can debt settlement really allow me to pay back less than I owe?

Debt Settlement is a process in which reputable law firms like McCarthy Law, negotiate the outstanding debt balances owed on behalf of it's clients. Debt settlement offers a real way to not only see an end to your debt through monthly affordable payments over a term as short as 24-28 months. In addition, the balances are typically substantially reduced.
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Credit Card Debt Settlement

What qualifies for credit card debt settlement?

Credit card companies and other creditors usually do not have specific guidelines on what they will settle for however, good debt settlement candidates are usually those who can no longer afford their minimum monthly payments. Credit card settlement offers debt relief without the public disclosure or longer-term damage of bankruptcy.
What debt can be settled?

What type of debts can be settled?

Many debts can be settled for a fraction of what is owed including medical debts, mortgage debt, auto repossession debt, rent, credit cards, retail cards, cell phone bills, private student loan debt, payday loan debt, and more.
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Our Philosophy On Debt Settlement