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Publications on student loan debt, credit card debt, credit report errors and more.
Andrew Rombach - Guest Contributor

How You Should Dispute A Credit Card Charge

How You Should Dispute A Credit Card Charge Credit cards are in daily use and an important financial tool for many Americans. Data shows that 71 percent of Americans have at least one credit card, and the Federal Reserve Payments Study 2016 found that the number of credit card payments reached 33.8 billion in 2015 With so many transactions, it's...

Andrew Rombach - Guest Contributor

What To Do After Noticing Fraudulent Activity On a Credit Report

What To Do After Noticing Fraudulent Activity On a Credit Report Consumer fraud is big business in the United States. In 2016, approximately 15.4 million people were impactedby fraud or identity theft. The money these thieves manage to take each year isn’t chump change. In 2016, they made off with over $16 billion collectively. So, the stakes are...

Joe Panvini

That’s A Lot of Debt!

“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.”  These famous opening lines from the Dickens classic, “A Tale of Two Cities,” described life during the 18th Century French Revolution, but are widely regarded as evergreen—enduring in their relevance throughout time.  Today, in many ways, it is the best of times.  Our phones fit in our...

Michael Brown - Guest Contributor

Which U.S. Colleges Will Give You the Best Return on Investment?

When choosing a college or university it helps to consider your time in school as a long-term investment. Will your school not only yield a great education, but also lead to a well-paying job and leave you with manageable student loan debt? As with other investments, you should weigh the risks (i.e. debt) and rewards (i.e. early career salary)...

Garrett F. Charity

Dealing with Merchant Loan Lenders

Debt settlement companies are not attorneys and should not be giving legal advice about debt. This is one of the many claims in a new lawsuit brought by Funding Metrics against 14 individuals and two companies, Decision One Debt Relief and Veritas Legal Plan.  The plaintiff, Funding Metrics, is in the business of lending against the accounts...

Michael Brown - Guest Contributor

The Impact of Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt is, for many individuals and families, a significant financial burden. The outstanding loan debt in the U.S. is $1.52 trillion, according to the LendEDU annual Student Loan Debt by School by State Report. Student loan debt is now the second-largest type of consumer debt, only behind mortgages. Individual borrowers from the Class...


Speedy Student Loan Repayment

Have you heard that large lump sum payments may be key to speedy student loan repayment?  LendEDU recently completed a survey with their findings hitting exactly on that point. As LendEDU states in their article, written by Mike Brown, “The fun years of college, potentially made possible by student loans, inevitably lead to the not-so-fun years...