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Business Debt Settlement Attorneys

Small Business Loan

Business Debt Settlement Attorneys

There are more than 25 million small businesses in the US today, and are essential to maintaining the national economy. Today they employ over half of all private sector workers and account for 80% of the country’s job creation overall. In order to build a successful business, many entrepreneurs find themselves incurring debt. Debt where 75% of startup capital comes from unsecured loans like credit cards, bank loans and lines of credit. While 70% of new small businesses survive at least two years, only half survive the first five years and just a quarter for 15 years or more. In many cases, things beyond our control, such as the economy, regulatory or social changes, or erroneous lawsuits, impact the success of our businesses and require us to adjust, slow down or in some cases move on.

We understand this completely, and have helped many great entrepreneurs like you find their way out of these business debt challenges. As business debt lawyers, McCarthy Law attorneys will sit with you personally, at no charge, to understand more about you, your debt and your challenges, in order to come up with an all inclusive plan. We take this one heavy burden from you allowing you to focus on your business or next stage in life, as we negotiate your business debts.


How Our Debt Settlement Attorneys Can Help You