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Michigan Debt Relief Attorney | Alfreda Menlove

Alfreda Menlove Attorney at McCarthy Law in Ann Arbor, MI

Debt Relief Attorney in MichiganI have been practicing law for 27 years. Prior to that I was trained as a psychologist and did individual counseling. My practice is devoted to family law with all its complexities, including division of retirement plans, child custody, parenting time, support for child and spouse; property division, debt, change of domicile, etc. I also practice in the probate court with estates, guardianship’s, conservator ships, the drafting of all types of Trusts , Wills, powers of attorney, patient advocate designations. I draft deeds of all types, and in the past have handled many Chapter 7 bankruptcies in Federal court.

My mission has always been to protect the best interests of my clients and to guide them through the difficult and emotional times they are experiencing. I provide an honest evaluation of their situation so that each person understands the possibilities, risks and realities of outcomes possible.

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