In January 2018 my husband and I hired McCarthy Law to help my daughter and husband to get us out of $145,000 of private student loan debt. We were so in over our heads in spite of trying desperately to make those student loan payments on time for six years. We contacted McCarthy law and immediately we felt a huge burden was lifted off of our shoulders. The first three private loans settled immediately and we were thrilled. We were in awe of the negotiating skills of Joan DiBella. She was great. The last private loan would not turn over the debt to the collection agency. We were getting a little nervous. Joan kept reassuring us that everything would be alright. Well lo and behold, the week before Christmas we received a letter from the collection agency that they had the debt. I immediately sent it to Joan. I was sick that week and I overlooked an email from Joan. It was a Christmas miracle. Joan settled that debt the same day I sent it to her. It was unbelievable! She also settled the debt for 37 percent of the total. We were thrilled! Joan DiBella is an unbelievable talent. She was fabulous. She was so right about everything she said. We are so happy that this nightmare is over. We want to thank everyone at McCarthy law for the professional outstanding job they did for us. We highly recommend them to everyone for their legal needs. They were so honest and realistic. We want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts and wish them much success in the New Year! They have given us a fresh start. Thank you!